Keeping in touch with our community of donors, supporters and volunteers is very important to us.  You are a vital link between the cats and valuable resources to keep the cats healthy, safe and happy.

Other ways to keep in touch - watch for us on Facebook and sign up for our enews (see bottom of our contact page), or email us at

First weekend in December

It's going to be a gorgeous weekend to do Christmas shopping!  And what better way than to pop by to grab a MWC calendar or two or more for your Christmas list.  Even better when you can get some of the wonderful guys to sign them for you.  Extra bonus!

It makes the Christmas season better for you and for the SCAT cats!

We have the following guys scheduled - but more may show up.  You just never know!

DEC 5 - Sat - 1 pm to 3 pm - Early's on Lorne

  • 1 pm - Dave Nairn
  • 1 pm - Brandon Thompson
  • 1 pm - Darryl Folk

DEC 6 - Sun - Noon to 3 pm - Wilson's Greenhouse Craft Show  

  • 12:30 pm - Eric Paetkau
  • 1:30 pm - Kenny Roger Taer

PS:  Might see a SCAT cat or two as well!  

Sales Events and Locations

It's crazy busy right now.  In between work - since most of us have regular jobs and regular family lives on top of our volunteer time - we are trying to schedule sales events so that we can get our calendars out to as many people as possible.  We had them at a Dinner Fundraiser on Monday this week.  This weekend will be busy with calendars available at the upcoming SAVT Conference and we'll also be at the Farmer's Market on Avenue B.  So keep an eye out for us.

Of course, there are the sales locations mentioned already on the site.  Upcoming events include PetSmart Adoption Weekend, Critters on Ruth, Early's on Lorne, Bake Sale at Lawson Heights and the Wilson's Greenhouse Craft Show.  More to come as we continue to book events and locations.

Don't forget - when you buy the calendar, send us a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #menwithcatscalendar and you could be having lunch with a rockstar!  Sam Corbett from The Sheepdogs is a wonderful supporter of SCAT Street Cat Rescue particularly since he adopted a kitten from us.  

Talk to you again, real soon!

Now it's out there for everyone to see!

Phew, thank goodness it's finally out there for everyone to see.  We have such wonderful behind the scenes people who make this happen.  We are happy to show it off.

Derek and Liam from Electric Umbrella Photographers are always so enthusiastic about taking the photos for this project.  We thank them for their professional experience and squeezing our photoshoots into their already overloaded schedules.  Steve, our other photographer for this year, has also become a good friend for this project.  

Our design team this year comes from Create By Faith.  Jeanie and her crew worked very hard to get it done and did a great job!  

We will also introduce you to one of our long standing volunteers - MeShell - who has been our guiding light for everything internet, including the SCAT Street Cat Rescue website and this website for the Men With Cats calendar.  Great person who is so knowledgeable and ever willing to help on behalf of the cats.  She's awesome!

We'll gradually introduce you to all of our models this year - that will be fun!  And we will chat about the cats as well, of course.

We have expanded our Calendar Committee this year and we will gradually introduce them.  Lots of helping hands make this not only a profitable project for the cats, but a fun way that so many people volunteering their time feel that they are making a huge difference.

You, too, can make a huge difference.  Spread the word about our calendar and see how many you can sell for us.  I guarantee you will have fun showing it off.  #menwithcatscalendar