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Shahan and Grizz, A Kitchen Confidential

Shahan Fancy (Superior Cabinets) poses with Grizz for the 2017 Men With Cats Calendar

Shahan Fancy (Superior Cabinets) poses with Grizz for the 2017 Men With Cats Calendar

Random fact, if you Google “Kitchen Cats” you’ll probably come across a Pinterest board entitled “Kitchen Cats” which could quite possibly be the most comprehensive collection of pictures with… you guessed it… Kitchens and Cats!            

Our March 2017 SCAT Street Cat Rescue Men With Cats (MWC) calendar guy is Shahan Fancy who is the curator behind the kitchen cats Pinterest board and serves as the Corporate Sales Development Manager with Superior Cabinets.  “I believe in the mission of SCAT and am honoured to help promote the cause, as being fond of cats is part of my personal brand,” said Shahan in a recent interview with the MWC Calendar Rep.  When Shahan isn’t travelling, driving his Vespa or chatting about sales and marketing, you’ll find him snuggling with his 15 year old cat Peanut.

Who's that cat!?  Grizz was found alone as just four days old.  She was taken in by a foster and bottle fed – initially every four hours, day and night!  She’s grown into a delightful kitten, intelligent, curious and happy, with the biggest eyes.  She always purrs the second she’s picked up.     

We would like to thank Shahan and Grizz for participating in the MWC Calendar fundraiser.  We would also like to thank Erin McFarland from High Four Pet Photography for lending her photographic talents, as well as Rory Michael Lawford for his creative Graphic Design.     

If you want to get your paws on a 2017 Men With Cats Calendar, we still have some available for purchase online.  They are $20 and all proceeds go to supporting the work of SCAT Street Cat Rescue.  Please visit: