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Salon Kitties

Keith Bastian of Chop Chop Salon poses with Pippa for the 2017 Men With Cats Calendar.

Keith Bastian of Chop Chop Salon poses with Pippa for the 2017 Men With Cats Calendar.

Working as a professional Hair Stylist, you not only get to do great hair but you also get the privilege of restoring ones confidence with a rejuvenated look.  Pet adoption is no different.  Our June 2017 Men with Cats Calendar Guy is Keith Bastian of Chop Chop Salon.  We caught up for a conversation with Keith to get his stance on adopting pets from shelters.  “When you adopt a shelter pet you save two lives, the one you take home and the one who takes its place.  You can do something big or something small, whatever you chose is better than nothing at all,” said Keith Bastian.  Just like there is no greater feeling than getting your hair done, adopting a pet from a shelter has many tangible and intangible benefits. 

Who is that cat!?  

Pippa (darker face) and Petal are curious and playful kittens.  Pippa is the ultimate lounger and will make any spot her own.  Petal loves to play with toys and wrestle with her siblings. Both of these pretty girls enjoy having their hair brushed.

We would like to thank Keith Bastian for participating in the MWC Calendar fundraiser.  We would like to thank Erin McFarland from High Four Pet Photography for lending her photographic talents, as well as Rory Michael Lawford for his creative Graphic Design.     

The 2017 Men With Cats Calendars are now sold out!  We would like to thank all of our loyal clients for their purchase and support.  All proceeds go to supporting the work of SCAT Street Cat Rescue.

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