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Paw and Order

Brian Pfefferle (Defence Lawyer) poses with kittens for the 2017 Men With Cats Calendar

Brian Pfefferle (Defence Lawyer) poses with kittens for the 2017 Men With Cats Calendar

Holding down the law is a tough job, but holding down four kittens can only be done by a true cat wrangler.  Our April 2017 calendar guy is Brian Pfefferle or better known to some as “Butch” who serves as a Defence Lawyer here in Saskatoon.  “I’m pretty sure I was a cat in my past life, so I just want to help out my homies,” said Brian in a recent chat.  Brian loves animals and although he doesn’t have a cat (due to allergies), he and his wife have rescued a few cats over the years.   

Who are those cats!?  

Princess Fuzzbutt (grey):  Is the perfect side-kick. She loves to cuddle up with you. 
Patches O’Hoolian:  Is the first to try new things and is the “big sister” of the bunch always grooming and cleaning her brothers and sister. 
Marshmallow McFlufferNutter:  Likes to fly solo and can usually be found dozing by himself. 
Tiny Tim:  Is the little engine that could, what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in personality.  He’s incredibly affectionate, inquisitive and expressive.

We would like to thank Brian and these kittens for participating in the MWC Calendar fundraiser.  We would also like to thank Erin McFarland from High Four Pet Photography for lending her photographic talents, as well as Rory Michael Lawford for his creative Graphic Design.     

The 2017 Men With Cats Calendars are now sold out!  We would like to thank all of our loyal clients for their purchase and support.  All proceeds go to supporting the work of SCAT Street Cat Rescue.

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