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Nik and Romaine, Rush To Your Heart

Nik Bilic (Saskatoon Rush Lacrosse Team) and Romaine pose for the 2017 Men With Cats Calendar

Nik Bilic (Saskatoon Rush Lacrosse Team) and Romaine pose for the 2017 Men With Cats Calendar

What is fast paced, driven and full of energy? Answer: A Lacrosse player and cats =^.^=      

Our January 2017 SCAT Street Cat Rescue Men With Cats (MWC) calendar guy is Nik Bilic, or better known to some as “Bilchy”.  Measuring at 5’11” and weighing in at 190 lbs, Nik plays defense (#79) for the Saskatoon Rush Lacrosse team.  "As much as I wanted to pose with my cat, Kitty, who can resist adorable rescue kittens?" said Nick in a recent interview with the MWC Calendar Rep.  If Nik isn’t sipping on a Trop-i-kale juice, playing lacrosse, you’ll find him cuddling his cat.  

Who's that cat!?  At a sturdy 4.625” height and weighing in at 1.2 lbs is Romaine.  Born in foster care just days after mom was rescued, Romaine, loves to cuddle and play.  He is full of adventure and enjoys sleeping on your feet.

We would like to thank Nik and Romaine for being a part of the MWC calendar fundraising project.  We would also like to thank Derek Mortensen and Liam Richards from Electric Umbrella for lending their photographic talents, as well as Rory Michael Lawford for his creative Graphic Design.     

If you want to get your paws on a 2017 Men With Cats Calendar, we still have some available for purchase online.  They are $20 and all proceeds go to supporting the work of SCAT Street Cat Rescue.  Please visit: