The Men with Cats (MWC) Calendar is a fundraiser for SCAT Street Cat Rescue Program Inc; a volunteer-driven animal welfare agency saving and bettering feline lives since 1997.  The MWC calendar combines local cat guys with SCAT cats and kittens available for adoption (the cats, not the guys) as well as keeps our work in the minds of supporters 365 days a year.

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About the Men With Cats (MWC) Calendar

In the fall of 2012 as volunteers looked for innovative ways to bring in much needed funds, the topic of a calendar popped up.  The calendar idea wasn't new.  We knew that it would be a perfect way to keep our work fresh in the minds of donors, supporters and volunteers each and every day.  But we also knew that it had to stand out in the crowd of other calendars available from the many other wonderful charities and free business calendars.  

Everyone knows that there are a lot of compassionate women volunteers who love the cats, but there are cat guys, too.  So we decided to promote these great guys who love and want to help cats!  The "Men With Cats" calendar came alive very quickly with so much love and support.  It was amazing!  From local businessmen, lawyers, members of the media, every possible walk of life to even celebrities like Brett Wilson, Kim Coates, Greg Johnson and The Sheepdogs!  

It's been a fun ride!  Most of all, it's been a great project that raises not only awareness of our daily work in the Saskatoon community, but also much needed funds to help the thousands of cats and kittens who receive care by Street Cat Rescue volunteers and support by the amazing local animal welfare professionals.

About SCAT Street Cat Rescue

This agency's primary focus is on feral and homeless cats living on the streets of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Our goal is to provide a healthier future for each cat brought into the program and to help build a better community for humans and animals.

To accomplish this goal, we have built a network of hundreds of volunteers and supporters - tasks such as colony caregivers to foster homes and acreage relocations, from office management to fundraising event coordinators. Street Cat Rescue promotes a high standard of animal health care thanks to our network of animal health professionals.

The SCAT Adoption Centre receives an average of 110 calls per month from members of the community requesting help for cats not only from with Saskatoon, but throughout the province of Saskatchewan. Approximately 300 cats find their way through our program each year.  Though SCAT is unable to take in every cat, we assist with such things as courtesy listings that have helped to reunite lost cats and their people; advice from our seasoned rescuers and foster home network; as well as providing other resource suggestions.

Many of the cats assisted by SCAT volunteers are timid cats. Some have never been touched by a human and are called "feral". Adult feral cats are helped through TNR (which means Trap, Neuter, Return), relocation or foster care depending on each circumstance. In situations where return or relocation is not possible, or where the cat has medical issues, the cat is placed in foster care.

Feral kittens can often be socialized and so are placed into foster homes where they are provided with socialization and daily care until they are ready for adoption.

Foster homes are a crucial link between the streets and a loving forever home.

Volunteer time is priceless!  A volunteer hour is valuable whether it's once a day, once a week, or once a year!